“Nadia Bakke”. Delicious indulgence with no dishes to cook and wash others – Television

"Nadia Bakke".  Delicious indulgence with no dishes to cook and wash others - Television

After 2020, Netflix made “Nadia’s Time to Eat” available, it now airs on the streaming platform “Nadia Bake”, British cook Nadia Hussain’s program dedicated entirely to cakes and various desserts.

“Chefs Table” kicked off visual excellence in gastronomy and culinary ingredients. Sam Nosrust’s “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” and “Ugly Delicious” with David Chang and the amazing “Street Food” series following in his footsteps, raising the profile of television documentaries about food and entertainment in the category (Visualization manual just for learning how to cook (more and more)).

In “Nadia’s Box”, British chefs welcome guests to a wonderfully clean and shiny kitchen to prepare absolutely delicious and deciduous sweets that you just want to keep in the pantry or fridge. “We all know that life can be hard. But when I make a cake, it makes me feel a little better,”Nadia says at the beginning of the first episode.

And we, somehow, also feel good to see that despite all the madness happening around the world, if we add flour, yeast, eggs and sugar, the chances of cake coming out are quite high. Even if we just watch the process without lifting the tail of the sofa, and let Nadia Hussain do all the work.

At just 36, Cook is considered one of the UK’s 100 most influential women. In 2015, he won the sixth season of the competition “The Great British Bake Off” and has not stopped since. When she won a cooking show on a public television station, she had three children and a housewife. Five years later, she released several books, conducted television programs and also made Queen Isabel II’s 90th birthday cake. The achievements that earned him the honor of the Order of the British Empire.

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If these reasons are not enough to watch “Nadia’s Bucks” on Netflix, then we can only say that chocolate is cake. Good ones.

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