NASA’s drone made the first history flight to another planet on Mars. National newspaper

NASA's drone made the first history flight to another planet on Mars.  National newspaper

On April 19, there was a completely unprecedented achievement in the history of mankind: the US space agency made its first flight to another planet.

It was 3:30 in the morning at NASA’s Control Center, but they were so excited that it was not even morning. Chief engineer Mimi Aang could barely contain herself. He said that the team has been working for six years to fly the machine.

And the video came from Mars. This is the first time that an object flies into another planet’s atmosphere. The drone was in the air for 39 seconds and needed to land for the mission to be successful. And then Mimi tear down the speech she wrote for the eventual failure.

On Earth, a drone is very common for us today, first of all, we forget how long it took to invent. And, secondly, when he starts flying, he does not fly from anywhere, but in an air pool – the propeller pushes the air down so that it can climb.

Mars has only 1% of the air on Earth. So the engineers had to build a drone that is very light, the propellers spin very fast and it is all computerized, and they have to do hundreds of tests in an environment that mimics the Martian atmosphere so that it can land safely.

The drone, nicknamed Engenhocidae, will be able to send photos. He was the first person who extricated himself from her shadow.

Mimi says there will be another four flights over the next two weeks – and they want to be bold, to fly higher and higher and further, as the main objective is for engineers on Earth to develop other flying objects for Mars. Information is to be collected.

Mimi has sent a message specifically for girls who dream of becoming engineers: “Do not allow anyone to convince you that you cannot do this”.

Anyone watching a scene like Santos Dumont with 14 Bis asks himself: Would he have thought that we were watching this on Mars?

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