Natasha Kaplinski feels she has ‘disappointed’ her husband Justin after a horrific crime

Natasha Kaplinski feels she has 'disappointed' her husband Justin after a horrific crime

Channel 5 abortion: Our story has been praised by fans and branded “eye-opening”.

Celebrities, including news anchor Natasha Kaplinsky and actress Lacey Turner, revealed their own abortion heartbreak at the event.

And Natasha revealed tonight that she felt she had “disappointed” her husband, Justin Bower, by having several abortions.

The couple is now sharing daughter Angelica and son Arlo, but they have also had several abortions.

Natasha says: “I felt as if I was degrading Justin.

“It simply came to our notice then. I felt that I could cope with my disappointment, but I could not take away that joy.

Natasha says she wants to ‘humiliate Justin’

“So it was especially difficult, just the feeling of being a barren woman, it bothered me that I would never be able to make her a father.

“It broke my heart.”

The show has received rave reviews from fans who took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Natasha opens on the show, which is aimed at ‘opening eyes’

“God is emotional. # Miscrujurstry# Channel 5, “Made a comment.

Another tweeted: “I had no idea the reality of abortion # Miscraj Orstery

The third wrote: “It’s good not to feel alone, although it’s scary that other people have to go through it. Thank you for telling everyone your story. It’s very important. # Miscrujurstry# Anonymous Marriage

He and Justin now share Angelica and Arlo

“It’s cruel. Such an important topic for the broadcast. # Miscraj OrsteryA fourth came in.

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Fifth said: “Already such a powerful program. Thanks to those who shared their stories.”

East End actress Lacey recalled during the show: “I felt very lonely and I didn’t talk about it … We talked to each other about what we should have done, but because we didn’t really do it, both of us Really lonely. “

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