Neil Armstrong Moonwalk, Christie’s Auction Space Selfie Photos

Neil Armstrong Moonwalk, Christie’s Auction Space Selfie Photos

The only photo of Neil Armstrong ever taken on the moon has the potential to change At a Christie’s auction.

An extremely rare photo of the iconic astronaut after making a huge leap to mankind is expected to sell for over 60 60,000 as part of NASA’s largest private collection of images. It was taken by fellow moonwalker Buzz Aldrin after the historic landing of Apollo 11 in 1969.

“Journey to Another World: The Victor Martin-Melbourne Photograph Collection” contains 2,400 original photographs taken during the peak of NASA missions. It features images from NASA’s first mission to bring man into space, from Project Mercury, to the agency’s 1972 Apollo 17, the agency’s final lunar landing.

Other photos for sale include: the popular “Earthwise” photo, which is expected to go for about 38,000; “Blue Marble” photo, estimated at about $ 31,000; And the first “space selfie”, taken by Aldrin, cost 10,000 10,000.

'Space Selfie' by Buzz Aldrin.

According to Christie, many of these paintings were exhibited in museums around the world last year, including the Grand Place in Paris, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Seminole Apollo 11.

Other pieces of the lot could only go for an estimate of over $ 130, and due to the coronavirus epidemic, the auction will be held online, making the collection especially accessible to general space enthusiasts.

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