Neymar Confirms Fortnite and Other 5 Easter Eggs of Season 5

Neymar Confirms Fortnite and Other 5 Easter Eggs of Season 5

Season 6 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite began on Tuesday (16) and, as is customary in the game, coincided with a special event to mark the occasion.

With the new season, Epic confirmed that everyone was already suspicious: Neymar Will win a skin in the game. Here we separate this and other Easter eggs that occur at the event.

1 – The arrival of Neymar with sodar

We already have confirmation of this: Neymar is coming to Fortnite. Everything indicates that he will have a skin in the battle pass and should be available in a few weeks. Rumors point to two skins of the player, one with the PSG uniform and the other with the Brazilian team.

Neymar and Fortnite Brasil’s social networks gave the partnership teasers before the season’s launch:

2 – Pop Culture Meeting

For those who thought the end of the season was also the end of crossovers with other universes in pop culture, I felt terribly mistaken. The video of the beginning of the event brought back the main characters presented during the season.

Sarah Conner, Predator, T-800, Kratos, Ryu Hoshi, and Master Chief briefly confirmed in Bulletit the idea that Fortney’s hero, Jonsi, formed an army of great warriors to withstand the eruption of Point Zero.

3 – Deja-vu of Borboletta

During a solo show with Jonsi, he becomes a teleportable butterfly.

This is a direct reference to the fifth and sixth seasons of Chapter 1 of Fortnite, when a similar incident occurred. At that time, the cube emitting energy from the game island exploded and all the players participated in the live event.

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There, a huge crack appeared in the shape of a butterfly, which sent everyone back to the island. Since then, the bug has become synonymous with rifts and spacetime travel within Fortnite.

4 – Lara Croft

Lara Croft Skin in Fortnite

Picture: Playback / Twitter

In 2021, whether or not Lara Croft, the character from Tomb Raider, celebrates 25 years of existence and coincidence, guess who also appeared at the Battle Pass and event? Yourself.

While participating in the event, the players were changed to different skins. In Lara Croft’s moment, Jones also praised and said that the look “suits you”.

As part of the character’s birthday celebration, the pass comes with more than one version of her skin.

These various editions reflect Croft’s evolution over the course of his game, from recent games to iconic shorts and tank tops to the hottest look.

5 – The Wolves Are Back

Following the theme of the primal season, Fortnite added wild animals, which are found randomly in matches.

At the event, we briefly met with wolves, an animal that had previously been approached at Fortnite. In season six of Chapter 1 (another reference to that season), one of the nearby skins was just a werewolf.

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