Nestor Forster says 2021 Brazil is not what Biden knew

Nestor Forster says 2021 Brazil is not what Biden knew

Brazilian Ambassador to the United States Nestor Forster said that Joe Biden, who will take over as US President today, will be different from Brazil for what he knew when he was vice president of the Obama administration, between 2009 and 2016 .

In an interview with Globnews, Forster did not reveal what changes he saw in the country compared to the previous and current periods, but said it would be a challenge for the Biden government to understand them.

“It is clear that Brazil is not today, in 2021, the same country it was in 2013, 2014 and 2015, when Biden was visiting us as Vice President. It is a challenge for the Biden government to realize these changes Hoagie. In society, in Panorama and the Brazilian government. As we also have the challenge of trying to understand what is changing here in the United States with the new government “, he said.

The Zaire Bolsonaro (non-party) government has always positioned itself as an ally of Republican Donald Trump, who was defeated by President Biden in his re-election effort. However, for Forster, the possibility of negotiations with the Democrats is positive.

“We have a very fluid relationship with congressional lawmakers. In the executive, in the White House of the various agencies of the US government, in the State Department, there is a very fluid dialogue. This whole universe of government will be populated by Democrats, But it is a natural and constant dialogue with all of them “, he said.

“Discount coverage”

Nestor Forster also defended the embassy stance after the US elections, won by Democrat Joe Biden. According to a telegram obtained by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, the diplomat stressed distrust in the electoral process taken by Trump without evidence, making Brazil the last to congratulate the new US president of the G-20.

“We did coverage before the campaign, always tried to do it in the most fair, balanced and free manner. It was my determination to have colleagues who did a great follow-up. There were people who said it was biased . But there were many skilled journalists. Reading the telegram, he said that we have done too much coverage. We are not here to distort, there is only one party in the embassy here, that of Brazil “, he said which journalists he mentioned Was doing.

According to Forster, Brazil’s delay in recognizing Biden’s victory would not deteriorate relations between the countries.
This is the exclusive responsibility of the President of the Republic. He decided to wait and greet after the decisions of the electoral colleges to remove the dust. Brazil does not change in strategic importance to the United States and vice versa by saying hello on one day or another, “it doesn’t matter”, he said.

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