Netflix accesses 30% of European content in almost all markets on the continent

Netflix accesses 30% of European content in almost all markets on the continent

Netflix Reached or exceeded the 30% local content quota required in major European markets, ahead of its global streaming rivals, according to a new study by Ampere Analysis. The programming quota applies to all streamers operating in Europe and is part of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive of the European Commission.

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Disney+, which launched in November 2019, is hovering around the 10% European content mark, but has recently increased commissions from local origins.

The study shows that in the UK and Ireland, Netflix lags behind France, Belgium and Switzerland with 27% of European titles, which are just below the 30% mark. Ampere says the UK Netflix service will need to add 408 European titles or remove 953 non-European titles to meet the quota.

Amazon has also surpassed the 30% quota in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and is on par with Netflix in the UK, where 27% of catalog titles are of European origin. In other markets, Amazon has between 16% and 28% of European content. Meanwhile, HBO Max is outselling European content by 25% in most of its markets.

The study argues that the increase in European titles available on streamers is due to “regulatory pressure to drive the acquisition and production of European movies and TVs”, as well as the fact that global players now compete with local and regional players for commissions. competing directly. .. Happy. It may also be noted that streamers and broadcasters have started collaborating on ambitious series in key markets.

Guy Bison, research director at Ampere Analysis, said, “Quietly, when no one was watching, Netflix increased a proportion of its back catalog titles, which are European, where complying with the new quota rules negatively impacted its regional business.” has no effect.” ,

Bisson said that in addition to Netflix’s “30% milestone”, the other surprising fact was the fact that “some of the big new studio players are already rapidly accessing the same proportion of European content in their local catalogs”.

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