Netflix Along with Pelé, Star eventually makes a documentary that matches his name. sport

Netflix  Along with Pelé, Star eventually makes a documentary that matches his name.  sport

At a time when the younger generation of football fans are astonished at the heroic struggle between Lionel Messi Christian Ronaldo We look forward to the current and future matches between Killian Mbappe E. Erling DutchOne of his predecessors stood out: Edson Erentes du Nacimento, who scored 1,283 goals in 1,367 games. King bell, Myth and the Living God of the Round Ball. The only player to win the World Cup three times (1958, 1962, 1970). A story that does not live with people under 50, but it must be read, seen and heard at some point of their lives.

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This Tuesday, February 23, NetflixThe site, which has more than 200 million paid subscribers worldwide, has released its documentary dedicated to the Brazilian star. Bell, a one-hour, 48-minute film directed by David Trenhorn and Ben Nichols, recounts the story of Life of Ten the option.

There is nothing surprising about the player’s career and the light that really inspired the filmmakers with Pele Forever (2004) or Nacimento de Uma Lenda (2016). Like what owner number 10 can do with a legend: Diego Armando Maradona, who went missing on November 25, 2020.

But this original Netflix product is unique. For all generations. Because in the end it is a documentary that deserves the name of a Brazilian star. The reason for this is that the directors did not draw a balanced and direct picture of Pelé – often the heel of the production while looking at the stars – and highlighted the country’s geopolitical situation in Ri Sino’s life.

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“He will participate in the liberation of Brazil”

David Trahorn and Ben Nichols tried to prove how Edson Arentus Nesimanto created his legend. Thanks to the acclaim of the Centos Football Clube, Pele, his family, journalists or politicians and his peers from the best archival photos of his best adventures in the Green Rectangle, the documentary will not waste time. The best: captive. It is not easy to follow the myth of life through a guide on how to guide the four controversial World Cups. “My dad used to say: To play football, you have to be brave.” The phrase was pronounced by Pelé at the beginning of production.

After a surprise defeat to Uruguay (2–1) in the 1950 World Cup, Pelé joined a different team and needed a second breath. His 17-year-old youth and emigration attained his first coronation in 1958 in Sweden. When he returned home, he had already become Brazil’s new friend, who sees football as a lung of his international influence. Former Brazilian culture minister Gilberto Gil says that the most accurate phrase: “Bell comes when he appears on television. He will participate in the liberation of Brazil, especially the youth of Pavola, who see him in the popular image of the social ascension of blacks from backward regions.

Ray Bell kept Santos FC happy in Brazil for eighteen years. © Agnes France-Presse

His personal development with the country

Four years later, the option He has the world title, but without Pelé, who was injured in the second match. Above all, it allows Brazil to become a proudly developed country, open to the outside world and elevating its international image. “Pelé appeared at the same time as Brazil became a modern country.”, Confirmed in the documentary President of Brazil Fernando Heinrich Cardoso between 1998 and 2003.

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The military coup occurred two years after Brazil entered dictatorship in 1964, coinciding with the 1966 World Cup “defeat” in England, when Brazil faced rapid defensive football and were eliminated in the first round itself. Bell is particularly physically isolated (hurting himself again) and mentally due to difficulty dealing with Star Pose. He is about to announce that he will no longer play in the World Cup.

His political neutrality was under question

But in this sense, the documentary is important: political influence played an important role in his life. Pelé (80 years) faced the camera multiple times in the film, did not scare anyone and responded openly to every moment of his life, not without emotion.

Under the dictatorship of the General Medici, Bell politically recovers the light of the planet. Brazil had no response. Half a century later, its political neutrality is still under attack. He never considers himself successful Distinguish truth from false.

Anyone who wants a simple image of a football player will have some influence on some political decisions. He acted like a black person who could not appeal, criticize or judge and above all, a black person who could only say yes., Witnessed by former colleague Paolo Lima Cesare between 1967 and 1977. He is one of the main contributors to the documentary and distorts the impeccable image described by other action heroes.

Peel, when he joins Santos and his friends in life. Attractive view from the documentary. © Netflix Screenshot

1970 World Cup, an important moment

Here comes the 1970 World Cup final, which raised doubts in the audience about the king’s rebirth: At 29, did he play to face a personal challenge or was he under pressure from the dictatorial rulers of Brazil? His coronation was a breath of fresh air for him and her the option Or intelligent country? Each should do its own analysis.

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We wanted to know more about his career and most importantly his impact on the development of football in the United States with the New York Cosmos. As much as we want to know more about his personal life, he also feels embarrassed at the hands of his different wives, but is betrayed.

However, Pelé stands out as he was before a documentary about this man. But, above all, Edson Arantus Nacimento has become a football god to understand how and why this product is relevant to young people.

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