Netflix and HBO stop recording after Covid-19 cases; View Affected Series | digital look

Netflix and HBO stop recording after Covid-19 cases;  View Affected Series |  digital look

Bridgerton is one of the affected series

according to news site slash film
MILF recording of many Chain
were interrupted due to the detection of cases of COVID-19
Between the production team, this time filming the Game of Thrones spin-off, dragon house
, in addition to the titles of Netflix
handjob bridgerton
And Matilda should be suspended – somewhat indefinitely.

dragon house

As in Dragon’s House of the Films, a spin-off prequel
Game of Thrones was suspended in the UK after a case of COVID-19 was detected among the team in “Zone A”, where you were a member of the cast.

Produced following the rules established by the British Government HBO
was suspended for two days and is expected to return on Wednesday (21). According to slash movie,
The infected production member is in isolation, as are all those who have had close contact with him. House of the Dragon is yet to premiere.


Bridgeton’s new season was the second halt in a week due to COVID-19 cases in the team. hey slash film
This time the recording should be suspended indefinitely.

The members of the set with the disease are put into isolation and the others undergo new tests while the producers fix a date for the return of Shondaland activities. The first case was registered last Friday (16) and as per the information, the person was diagnosed with the disease new coronavirus
was placed in isolation, and the entire series team underwent a new battery of tests – which led to the discovery of more people with COVID-19.

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Bridgeton’s second season production, which will not feature reggae-jean page
, debuted on 2 May in various British locations. There is still no release date set for the new episodes.


still with slash film
Netflix partially halted production of its Matilda adaptation due to the “COVID-19 outbreak”. The series is based on the book-inspired musical, which, in turn, was also the basis for the 1996 classic film starring Mara Wilson.

According to information, members of the team “from the first unit” tested positive for the disease last weekend, and the recording will have to suffer a gap of at least 10 days. However, the filming of the second unit, which does not have a main cast, will continue to follow the established schedule.

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