Netflix app acquires TikTok clone with comedy video. Application and software

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Are members of Netflix Another way would be to consume content by cell phone. Launching the company guide “Loud laughter” It is starting on Wednesday (03) in iOS application. This feature works just like TicTalk and Instagram reels, meaning it provides a feed with short and funny videos that can be quickly accessed with the swipe of your fingers.

Fast Laughs is a clone of TickTalk, created by Netflix (Image: Disclosure).

The new format aims to get people to devote more time to platforms and less to social networks – in a scenario where all mobile applications compete for user attention, resources are a strategy to keep customers close.

According to Netflix, all clips will be removed from the service’s comedy catalog, which includes scenes from films, series, sitcoms, and stand-ups. This feature can be accessed from the lower bar of the smartphone app.

If you are interested in a particular event, you can add it to the list of movies / series to watch later. It is also possible to share clips with friends via WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Fast Laughs is a showcase for the Netflix catalog

In addition to competing with some of the most used apps of the moment, Netflix finds the opportunity to showcase its comedy catalog in a more engaging way as a stunning showcase at Fast Laughs.

The company already has an extensive collection of content (original and third-party), and has promised to release a new film a week in 2021. Among so many options, the new function may give customers a little more information than programming. Provides service.

For now, Fast Laughs is only available to iPhone users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, but the company says it will soon begin testing the feature on Android devices.

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