Netflix broke the law by using real phone numbers in Round 6 series

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The most-watched series on Netflix in 80 countries, including Brazil and the United States, South Korean attractions round 6 Brought a headache for the streaming giant. This is because in the first two episodes of the drama, a real phone number is prominently shown, which violates South Korean law.

Money Today, an economic newspaper based in Seoul, the capital of the Asian country, managed to get in touch with the owner of the number 8650-4006. For confidentiality reasons, she was only identified as “Victim A”. A lawyer interviewed by the publication confirmed that a local law was violated for sharing personal data without authorization.


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I receive direct calls and text messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week“A business owner, complained the victim.”I have had this number for 10 years, so getting rid of it is not that easy.

The man shared that, in a week, day or night, 4,000 people came in contact with him. For Money Today, she also featured a message from a stranger who apologized for the contact, as she thought the number was created by Netflix to promote Round 6.

In South Korea, the telephone consists of eleven numbers: the first three are similar to the area code in Brazil, indicating the code of a city or region. These three numbers do not appear in the series. But whoever is in the same area as the victim and uses the other eight digits, the call passes.

Within the plot of Round 6, the person receiving a business card with that number is invited to participate in a macabre game whose winner may take the fortune. Debt-ridden people participate in a competition consisting of six children’s games. But there is nothing innocent in this: the one who loses, does bad in the game, is taken away (read: dies).

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Card that displays phone number in Round 6 (Playback/Netflix)

Netflix’s answer

Chosu newspaper got the response Netflix, which came from a person who participated in the creation of Round 6: He said: “We can not do anything. You cannot remove phone numbers from the chain. Honestly, we think the only option is that person [vítima] Change the number.

This option suggested by Netflix should not be there. The company contacted the victim and even offered money to solve the problem on two occasions; The person did not accept.

According to the South Korean press, the last offer Netflix made was about $22,000. On the Asian country’s social network, netizens are encouraging victims to sue the streaming giant.

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