Netflix fixes a problem reported by customers

Netflix fixes a problem reported by customers

Netflix has finally resolved an issue that was plaguing some of its customers. It will now be possible to watch a movie, or series, that has only been partially downloaded to the device.

A few years ago Netflix introduced the ability to download titles so that they could be viewed without an internet connection. However, it required that the title be downloaded in full.

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From now on, on some devices, it will be possible to see what has already been downloaded to the device. For example, if 1 hour of a movie is downloaded, then the user will be able to watch that 1 hour without any interruption. The display will stop only when it reaches the point where it has not been downloaded yet.

This change is necessary for people who travel frequently, or who prefer to watch on public transport and cannot use mobile data. It will certainly make life easier for many Netflix subscribers.

Keila Robison, Netflix’s Vice President of Product Innovation, wrote in a recent blog post, “We’ve always wanted to make it easy for members to access their favorite series or movies, regardless of language, device, connectivity or location. ” “So the partial download is now available on Android phones and tablets, and we will begin testing on iOS in the coming months.”

Suspicious Horror Hits on Netflix

Netflix is ​​repeating this strange trend for the third time. In the US, a film with a rating of 0 without approval on sites like Rotten Tomatoes is becoming a success, as are many others on the platform.

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The Devil’s Bottom had a limited theatrical release due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). In such a situation it was launched on the digital platform.

Horror got huge headlines when it hit Netflix. In the United States, one of the main markets for the service, the film is the seventh most viewed until this publication.

The story follows director Bradley Parker, best known for working as an assistant to Matt Reeves on Planet of the Apes and The Batman. The film follows amateur adventurers.

The group discovers an abandoned mine in a distant city. There, they discover the sinister secret that the place is hiding.

The Devil’s Bottom is on Netflix in the United States. The film still has no forecast in Brazil.

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