Netflix: Get ready for big bad news to come!

Netflix: Get ready for big bad news to come!

Competition among streaming services is increasing. That said, various companies are doing their best to attract consumers. We usually think that competition is always good news because it allows prices to go down. In fact, it happens most of the times. However, in this case, it is a bit different. That said, you can start to prepare yourself for some big bad news coming to Netflix.

Netflix: Get ready for big bad news to come!

Until now, Netflix wanted ads far and wide. However, the competition is making a lot of money and with the drop in new subscribers Netflix may not be getting as much as it should. Now for one analyst it would prompt Netflix to change its mind and launch ads on the platform. This is something that no one wants. It’s true that introducing ads can make for an inexpensive subscription. However, as a question we once asked on Leak, people are willing to pay another euro or two a month for not having ads.

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But are things bad for Netflix?

not now. Netflix remains the leading global streaming company. However, he sees Disney+ coming for the first time. Ratto Mickey and the Avengers’ company already had 103.6 million subscribers at the end of the second quarter. Now Netflix ended the first quarter with 207.64 million subscribers and hasn’t grown that much since. Also, things will continue to slow down for Netflix. Company analyst Michael Nathanson Moffett Nathanson Research Netflix says it will see 14% annual growth between 2022 and 2025. Initial estimates were 23%. It’s true that these are all numbers but it gives us a general idea of ​​what’s going on.

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Advertisement Looks Big Way

Therefore, for this analyst, advertising may be the way forward. That said, Netflix is ​​likely to adopt it in record time as well. It’s true that many people won’t like it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a must-have for Netflix. Sure, that aside, there are people who don’t mind paying less and being a pub. On the other hand, there are people who are willing to pay more for not being bothered by ads. But is there any other option?

Football: Good or Bad News on Netflix?

There are some streaming services such as Paramount+ Which for now is only available in USA which is betting on sports broadcast to get more users and earn more income. It is difficult for Netflix to follow this path. However it is not impossible. Can you imagine watching a derby on Netflix where we paid extra to watch the game?

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It is not clear what the weather will bring.

No one knows what time will bring. One thing is true. For the analyst, Netflix will have to make a choice quickly. We are yet to find out whether it will raise prices, add ads or turn to the game. Only time will tell!

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