Netflix has a new black mirror and you need to watch

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Originally launched by Channel 4 in 2011, Black Mirror surprised TV fans with shocking stories featuring the darker side of technology and thus humanity.

The production of the series was started exclusively by Netflix from its fourth season. Nevertheless, the production managed to retain the subversive and intense style of its first release.

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The success of Black Mirror enabled the production of a more satirical series incorporating elements of technology and science fiction. One of them will debut on Netflix soon.

See all about the Clickbait series below!

In August 2019, Netflix officially announced the production of ClickBit, an 8-episode technical thriller, addressing issues such as social media, technology addiction and artificial intelligence.

The series was produced and produced by Tony Eyrus and Christian White, with David Heyman as executive producer and Brad Anderson as the lead director.

Clickbait started recording in Australia in December 2019. Four months later, production was halted due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

In November 2020, production was finally resumed. With this, the series should begin in mid-2022.

The official Synopsis released by Netflix states, “In these thrillers, eight different points of view are responsible for a person’s crime encouraged by social networks.”

Clickbait will detect intense, dangerous and uncontrollable impulses fueled by social media. With this, the production intends to address the growing fracture between real life and the virtual universe.

In 2020, Netflix released important information about the ClickBat cast. Although the series has been recorded in Australia, the story will be set in the United States.

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Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks – The Perfect Girlfriend) and daughter Gabriel (Run!) Were chosen as Clickbat’s protagonists.

Kazan plays the role of Pia Brewer, who is in search of a missing California man looking for his missing brother, who used to dominate the media.

Daughter Gabriel, on the other hand, plays the role of Sophia Brewer, the motherland of the family, who tries to help her in her quest for holiness and her son.

The clickbait cast also counts Phoenix Rae (The Heights) as a detective investigating the disappearance, and Adrian Grenier (The Devil Wears Prada) as the missing boy’s father.

Clickbait also stars Jesse Collins (CSI), Ian Meadows (The Pacific), Steve Moujakis (Prison Break) and Daniel Henschel (Okja) in undeclared roles.

Clickbait does not have a Netflix release date yet.

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