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Season 2 of Emily in Paris ends with a big twist on Netflix. At the end of the new episode, Lily Collins’ protagonist faces a difficult decision: to return to the United States and earn a promotion at work, or stay in Paris and venture into her new venture with Sylvie. But according to the Screen Rent website, the answer to the dilemma practically lays down; see below.

It’s not just her personal life that Emily goes through major changes in Season 2 of the series. Lily Collins’ character in love also faces other dilemmas.

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In the new episode, Emily forms a great relationship with Alfie, the handsome Brit whom she meets in her French class. However, she cannot forget Gabriel, with whom she spent a warm night of love at the end of the New Year.

But it’s Kate Walsh’s return as Madeline Wheeler that makes Emily reevaluate her trajectory and wonder about her career path.

What Will Lily Collins’ Verdict On Amelie In Paris?

In the second season of Amelie in Paris, the hero’s professional situation becomes even more complicated.

After milie finally gets used to Savoir’s style, the character’s calmness is shaken by the constant conflict between her boss Madeline and Sylvie Gretto, who is responsible for the brand in Paris.

Arriving in the French capital, Kate Walsh’s character decides to investigate Sévoir’s finances and business in depth, angering Sylvie.

The plot comes to a head at the end of Season 2, when Sylvie resigns from Savoir and takes the other Parisian employees with her.

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Although expected by the other characters, Sylvie’s decision comes as a major blow to Emily, who stays behind to help Madeline.

According to the Screen Rant website, the turnaround at the end of Season 2 of Emily in Paris isn’t really a big dilemma.

Over lunch with Emily, Sylvie finally reveals her true plan.

The Philippine character Leroy-Beaulieu explains that she sold her husband’s shares in the St. Tropez club to form his own firm.

Sylvie does a great job winning former Savoy customers, and decides to ask Emily to join her in the new venture.

In other words, Emily ends Season 2 with Madeline to decide between staying in the Gilbert Group or staying in France with Sylvie’s company.

To further complicate the situation, Emily learns that Gabriel has resumed her relationship with Camille – yet another reason for her to return to the United States.

“But as the series is called Amelie in Paris, everything indicates it will go nowhere”, states an analysis of the website Screen Rant.

Emily will apparently be living in Paris for Season 2, as the premise of the series demands that she stay in the French capital.

Netflix has yet to officially renew Emily in Paris for Season 3. The first two years of the series are available on the platform.

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