Netflix is ​​close to closing a deal to revive Manifest

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Two months after the NBC network-sanctioned cancellation, the Manifest series is very close to finding a new home. A deal is on the verge of being struck between the television studio of Warner Bros. and the streaming giant, the makers of the supernatural drama, according to Deadline.

Already anticipating the possibility of signing the new partnership, Warner began contacting the cast and writing staff to design contracts beginning in the upcoming fourth season.

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a Netflix is interested in manifesto Because the series is a huge success in the United States (there, it is they who have the rights to show it in streaming). The attraction has been the most viewed on the platform since June, holding an incredibly first place in the ratings for 27 days in a row.

Series creator Jeff Rake worked out a plot to end in season six. He, along with Warner executives, knocked on the doors of other US networks, channels and streams looking for anyone interested in keeping the series alive. Netflix seems to be the only and last option. Obviously, it has everything to do with work.

It is regular on Netflix to retrieve series that have been canceled from US TV networks. The most successful case is Lucifer, which went streaming after being cut from Fox programming. Designated Survivor (2016-2019), ex-ABC, is another positive example of recovery.

Manifest tells the story of passengers on a plane that disappeared into thin air for five and a half years. To everyone’s surprise, they reappeared and did not grow for a single day, while the daily lives of relatives and close people followed their natural course. A boy demonstrates that he has special powers that can help him solve this mystery.

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In Brazil, Manifest is available on the Globoplay and HBO Max platforms. Globo shows the series on Open TV.

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