Netflix launches La Casa de Papel event 5 TV News . Fans around the world revolted for the failure in

Netflix launches La Casa de Papel event 5 TV News .  Fans around the world revolted for the failure in

La Casa de Papel fans around the world revolted following the failures of a one-world event scheduled for this Tuesday (the 30th) at 4:15 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Netflix. The allure of the streaming service promised the announcement of a series of news and surprises related to the Spanish event.

report of TV news Tried accessing the program’s official platform before the start time but also faced difficulties navigating the web page provided by Netflix.

Upon accessing the page, the user is required to send a message explaining the meaning of the resistance – a movement in the series led by Professor (अलlvaro Morte) – to him. After writing the text, the fan will be directed to the site and can navigate a terrestrial globe with activities related to La Casa de Papel.

The site continued to have technical problems, and it was only after several attempts that an official video of the incident was screened, with an alternate timing of the presentation beginning. Since then, no changes have been made to the platform’s official page or programming.

When contacted by the report, the Netflix press office said that the event was initially scheduled for 1:15 pm (Eastern Time) and not 4:15 pm, as previously reported on the platform’s official social network. The streaming giant also said that several countries faced technical problems for the live broadcast.

Outraged by the communication errors, service subscribers and fans of La Casa de Papel also took to the social network to demand an explanation from Netflix.

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“I haven’t been able to watch La Casa de Papel live. Congratulations, Netflix”, said user Barbara Rangel. “Great event, looking at everything”, joked Internet user Joo Luiz.

“Lady, is it surprising to see that the site isn’t working?”, customer Renan Alves asked. “How can I watch this? It’s not showing any live to me, do something!”, added user Beal.

Only Brazilian fans were not dissatisfied with the service. Live comments available on the website for the event contained complaints from Internet users associated with Spain, the United States, Italy and other countries.

The publication of this text was followed by a program called La Casa de Papel: The Legacy. Delay of one and a half hour in respect of initially announced time.

Check out the official announcement of the La Casa de Papel event:

Check out some of the complaints from fans on social media below:

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