Netflix offers 430 jobs, including 7 working in Brazil.

Netflix oferece 430 vagas de emprego, sendo 7 para trabalhar no Brasil
Netflix offers 430 jobs, including 7 working in Brazil.

For those who like the entertainment sector and are looking for vacancies at a multinational company, Netflix is ​​hiring professionals in Brazil, the United States, Holland, Japan and South Korea. With vacancies for analyst, manager, coordinator and more.


They are 7 vacancies in Brazil To work in the company’s branch in Baruieri, São Paulo. Vacancies are: Content Acquisition Coordinator, Campaign Operations Manager, Dubbing Manager, Marketing Manager and more.

They are for face-to-face work and the candidate requires advanced or fluent English, most vacancies require at least 2 years of experience in the field, activism and the ability to work as a team.



For those who want to leave Brazil, you can find a professional placement at Netflix’s headquarters in Los Gatos, California, New York and Los Angeles. there are more than 200 vacancies for face-to-face work For different operational levels. Vacancies for Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Product Researchers, Coordinators, Transportation Specialists and more.

In addition to on-site job vacancies, the company offers 44 vacancies for remote work abroad. Opportunities for security engineering, capacity planners, engineering managers, information technology.


For those looking for vacancies on the other side of the globe, the company also offers 27 vacancies for work in Tokyo. Netflix provides opportunities for marketing coordinators, creative managers, editorial and production directors and more.

All vacancies are for face-to-face work.


very There are vacancies for those who like to go to Europe. Netflix provides opportunities for those who want to work for the coordinator, analyst, manager and other operational levels in Amsterdam, the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. Vacancies for creative analyst, post-production coordinator, social manager, technology expert, lawyer, etc.

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Netflix offers vacancies for all tastes in different countries, with different operating levels and most diverse qualifications. If you are interested in someone, just reach And find the task that best matches your profile.


The North American video streaming company was born in 1997 as a movie rental company. In 2007, it changed its format and began providing 24-hour content to its customers. Since 2013, Netflix has been producing its own content. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, broadcast in 190 countries in 30 countries

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