Netflix premiere of the week features feature film (Des) Charm with Maisa Silva · TV News

Netflix premiere of the week features feature film (Des) Charm with Maisa Silva · TV News

Netflix subscribers can now prepare to test for a good debut during this week. Between this Sunday (10) and next Saturday (16), the stage combines films and series that should be included in all audiences and top 10 in the coming days.

One of the main highlights of the week is Pa Am Dobro (2020), starring Massa Silva. Fans of Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, can investigate Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle (2018) on the streaming giant.

Between the series, the third part of (Des), the fourth season of Carmen Sandiego and Dawson’s Creek all year (1998–2003).

See the essence of stories:

Night Stalker: Tortura e Terror – Dia 13

The documentary took place in 1985 in Los Angeles, United States. Behind all the glamor of the city, a terrible serial killer is on the prowl, and the two detectives will not rest until they find him.

Father in double day 15

Vicenza (Massa Silva), an 18-year-old girl who has spent her life in the hippie community, takes advantage of the journey from her mother and moves to the big city in search of her biological father.

It is learned that along the way she is searching for two possible candidates. The cast includes Eduardo Moskovis, Marcelo Medici and Laila Zaid.

(Des) Enchanting – Day 15

The Mind Behind The Simpsons, an animation produced by Matt Groening. In the new episode, Princess Bean needs to roam to escape the royal trails, increasingly deep secrets, the instability of King Jog and the fight over the Dreamland government.

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Bling Empire – Dia 15

This reality show is full of rich, rotten Asians and their California parties, glamor and drama.

Combat Zone – Day 15

In the near future, a drone pilot (Damson Idaris) is sent to a dangerous militarized area, where he will work for an Android officer (Anthony Mackie), who works to find an apocalyptic device before the rebels and stop a nuclear attack. did.

Carmen Sandiego – She is 15 years old

From the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the pyramids of Egypt, Carmen and his friends always carry out new adventures, always one step ahead of Vile. The cast of the original voices have names such as Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) and Finn Wolfhard (Stranger).

Dawson’s Creek – she’s 15

The teen drama about a group of friends clearly depicts specific teenage conflicts, such as sexuality and unrestricted love. The main cast includes James Van der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson.

Kuroko No Basket – Dadia 15

In the anime, five basketball stars went to various high school schools. Now, Tetsuya Kurko and his team have to give their all to achieve the glory.

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle – day 14

Four teenagers find a video game that takes place in a tropical forest. Excited about the game, they choose their avatars for the challenge, but an unexpected event takes them into the fictional universe, which become the characters of the adventure.

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