Netflix releases Dario de Intercambio scenes with Larissa Manuel

Bemmais Brasilia

A movie starring Larissa Manoela and Thati Lopez is about to hit Netflix! new pictures ofexchange journalwe already have!

The film is yet to release and we are already waiting for it! Larissa ManuelOne Me you lopez I came back in another great movie and it was called: “Diary exchange.

The film tells the story of two friends who travel together for an exchange in the United States. However, there they find unexpected things like love, friendship and tons of adventures.

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Apart from the presence of more than one special guest appearance by the singer and actress Emmanuel Araujo I am doing bruno montelion, the artists will be made up of international personalities, such as David Jamesjack off Mira and Shaw, among other things. Brilliant Bruno Garrotti (“I am Loko”‘ Me ‘everything by pop star‘) is responsible for directing the film, in addition to being in the hands of the production Pineapple movies, is distributed by speculative film/downtown movies.

Filming took place in early 2020 and took place in Rio de Janeiro and the United States.

“We Brazilians have something unique, which is human warmth, an intense way of giving ourselves experiences, sensations and emotions. The film talks about this, creating a desire to get to know other cultures. In uncomfortable situations In addition to wanting to challenge herself and test herself in another language, Larissa commented on the film.

In a video with excerpts from the upcoming national release, we can see some pictures from the film. Also, the video indicates that the launch is very near. look below:

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There is no specific date to access the production list NetflixHowever, it has already been announced that it will be released in the second half of 2021.

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