Netflix releases first trailer for Matilda: The Musical

Netflix releases first trailer for Matilda: The Musical

Netflix has released the first trailer for its new adaptation: Matilda: The Musical, The film doesn’t have a definite release date yet, but Should be released on streaming in December 2022.

The production tells the story of a girl named Matilda Wormwood, who has some special powers and uses them to prank her parents, to save her friends from bullying at school and the strict disciplinarian of the principal Ms. way do it. Trunchbull.

Matilda will become a musical on Netflix, but there is still no set premiere date (Image: DISCLOSURE / NETFLIX)

The main cast stars Alisha Veer as the protagonist, Emma Thompson as the villainous Ms. Trunchbull and Lashana Lynch as Ms. Honey, the teacher who helps the girl. Directed by Matthew Varchus, Same Pride and hope.

What is the difference from the original film?

The Netflix musical is inspired by the original 1996 feature, and it’s already possible to see many similarities between the scenarios (the school) and the clothing (the students’ uniforms and director’s clothes) in the trailer. What is the difference between the songs presented during the trailer was already expected as it is a musical.

The classic scene of Miss Trunchbull throwing a baby (the so-called hammer throw) is one of the highlights of the trailer, and which brings more recognition to the audience. Positive points also for the characterization of Emma Thompson for playing the villain.

Matilda in the Theater

In addition to being inspired by the original film, the Netflix feature is an adaptation of the theatrical show Matilda: The Musicalby playwright Dennis Kelly (who also appears in the Netflix adaptation) and composer Tim Minchim.

He premiered the play in 2011 in the West End, England, and in 2013 it reached Broadway in the United States, where he played the musical until 2017. Music had ten nominations (the maximum of its category) for the Olivier Awards. , the main theater award in England, the highest award in New York theatre, in addition to being nominated for several Tony Awards.

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The original film, drama, and Netflix adaptation are both inspired by the children’s book. matilda, by Roel Dahl. Now it remains to be seen whether the streaming will be as successful as the first two.

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