Netflix releases new trailer for ‘Wednesday’, the series about Wandinha Adams

Netflix releases new trailer for 'Wednesday', the series about Wandinha Adams

The fingers of the little hand have started twitching! Netflix Released, this Monday (6), is the first trailer for “Wednesday,” a new series on the streaming platform about Wandinha Addams from the popular Addams Family.

The series takes the character’s name in English and is already being highly anticipated by story fans and television critics. It was also being known in the video who would give life to the iconic character: Actress Jenna Ortega,

Born in California in the United States of America, the artist has already participated in famous productions on the web, such as “Scream 5”, “The Middle Sister” and “Yes” Day. The series was created and directed by Tim Burton and is scheduled to start in the second half of this year.

The plot follows Vandinha’s teens, still learning to deal with her psychic powers, while investigating various mysteries in the city where she lives – all with the typical mannerisms of the Addams girl.

According to G1, the names of other artists have also been revealed. In addition to Ortega, Catherine Zeta Jones mother would be, morticia, and luis guzman Will be the father, Gomez. Also according to the portal, the actress Christina RicciThose who played Vandinha in the films of the 1990s will also be seen in it.

watch Trailer:

A tremendous success!

It’s no secret that ‘Stranger Things’ is a huge hit Netflix, Since 2016, its first year, the series has won more and more viewers around the world – and this time was no different.

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The first segment of the fourth season, which came out on May 27, has transcended social networks and, of course, a number of streaming platforms. According to the figures released, the series became the most-watched English content on Netflix in its opening weekend.

In other words, this means an estimated 287 million hours of ‘Stranger Things’ were watched from May 27 to May 30, according to the service’s global rankings. The new season has thus overtaken ‘Bridgeton’ and is now Netflix’s most successful debut.

Significantly, Netflix divided the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ into two sections. The first, with seven episodes, arrived in the catalog on May 27, while the second is scheduled to premiere on July 1.

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