Netflix series could compete with Emmys

Netflix series could compete with Emmys
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According to Diversity, it was confirmed that round 6 can compete in the main version of amyAwards directed to television productions. Thus, the work would have the opportunity to participate in both the international edition and the prize distributed only in the United States, although it could only compete in one of the two formats.

representatives of television academy explained that, as it is the production done according to the parameters of Netflix, could compete for the main version of the series amy, instead of just the international version. This is because the platform streaming is a US company, in addition to being responsible for the distribution of round 6. At the same time, because it was made in Korea and not in the United States, the series could compete for an International Emmy.

Despite this, the organization’s rules prevent the work from being nominated for both awards as the official text states:

“Foreign television productions are ineligible unless they are the result of co-production (both financial and creative) between the US and its foreign partners, occurring prior to the start of production, and for the purpose of being shown on American television. Any production produced outside the U.S. or the U.S., as a co-production between the U.S. and its foreign partners, is substantially (i.e. 50% or more) in a language other than English, shall have the discretion to designate the production and Their individual achievements in the Primetime Emmy Awards competition or the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Awards competition in whichever category they are eligible, but not both.”

The prospect of the production competing at one of the biggest awards on television prompted many fans to compare the situation with the film’s victory. parasites At the Oscars, mainly because both are Korean works. However, it is not known whether Netflix in fact it would choose to indicate the series primetime emmy rather than international awards, as this can make it more difficult to win the series due to the number of contestants.

It is possible that the stage before the work was nominated for this award streaming Start with other similar competitions that take place during the winter season in the United States, such as Critics’ Choice Awards Or SAG Awards.

Despite not being as hyped as other major Netflix productions, Round 6 became a huge success.

round 6 premiered in september Netflix, is becoming a huge hit. The plot consists of a contest in which those in need of money compete for a large prize, taking on challenges inspired by children’s games. Despite this, it soon becomes clear that any slip in the competition can prove fatal.

Learn more about the cast of the series With our list:

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