Netflix star thrilled with explosions about the end of La Casa de Papello

Netflix star thrilled with explosions about the end of La Casa de Papello

the money heist The most popular Spanish language series on Netflix. In Brazil, the production has become a true cultural phenomenon, inspiring fantasies, music and much more.

fourth season of the money heist arrived at Netflix in 2020. Last year, millions took part in a marathon episode that lived up to (and even exceeded) the expectations of many.

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The platform got fans even more excited with the release of the final season premiere date, which comes Netflix in early September.

Recently, Raquel’s interpreter the money heist Fans were thrilled while talking about the expectations for the end of the series.

Raquel Murillo – better known as Lisbon – was . was introduced to the plot of the money heist As an Inspector of the Spanish Police.

The character is called upon to handle negotiations with the group of robbers, but ends up going to the professor and joining the gang.

Eventually, Raquel decides to run away with the Professor and takes the surname Lisbon.

In the third season of the series, viewers could watch the team in its second round, with direct participation from Lisbon.

Because of her involvement with the Professor, Raquel is rejected by her former colleagues.

during your plot the money heist, Raquel proves to be a loyal and capable assistant to the gang, especially in the second round.

With the production of the fifth season of the money heist Officially over, fans are eager to hear what happens to The Professor’s team, especially after the turnaround at the end of the fourth year.

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In a recent interview with, the actress itziar ituno She spoke about her feelings with anticipation of the premiere of the new episodes and the series finale.

“When I look back and see how it all started and everything we have created, I start crying,” the actress said.

According to Itsuno, none of the cast of the series. could not have imagined the international success of the money heist.

“Imagine you’re available to record a series for eight months, and then find out it’ll last over 5 years”, suggested Raquel’s interpreter.

The actress also talked about recording her last scene in the production. Netflix.

“It’s been really exciting to close that last door and say goodbye. The series definitely changed our lives. A few weeks ago, I recorded my last scene”, revealed Itsuno.

the first part of the final season of the money heist debut in Netflix On 3rd September and the second part comes on 3rd December.

for the final season of the money heist There will be 10 episodes, two more than last season.

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