Netflix tests TikTok-like menus in TV apps

Netflix tests TikTok-like menus in TV apps

Netflix trying to insert loud laugh in your TV apps. This feature, which turns snippets of comedy into searchable content similar to a timeline TIC Tocbegan to be made available to some English speaking users this week, according to EngadgetOffers a different way for the public to choose from movies, series and even genre specials.

Launched in the US in March last year, Fast Laugh existed as a separate app from Netflix until then and was another advance by the company in building its own social networking platform – a project that is currently under active development. still active. Such n-plus. Aside from clips, the main tool of the service was that it allowed the user to add titles to their streaming list if that visual aroused curiosity.

The idea clearly worked, given that the platform is no longer exclusive to cell phones and moves to television. Also according to Engadget, trials are currently taking place in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, perhaps to test how it works without having to worry about subtitles or dubbing. In addition to being disabled for kids profiles, this feature will take into account your Netflix habits to select excerpts.

It’s worth remembering at this point that Netflix is ​​always on the lookout for new ways for subscribers to consume just its content, which turns any new discovery tool into juicy opportunities for it to continue.

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