Netflix: The task of dodging titles for viewing comes to Android

Netflix: The task of dodging titles for viewing comes to Android

Netflix this Monday (4) announced a new feature for customers using Android mobile devices. The smartphone app for the operating system already offers the Play Something feature, or “random title” in Portuguese.

Play Something is a resource for those moments when you just can’t choose anything cool to watch. Basically, the resource will make a choice based on the content previously consumed on the platform.

Netflix bets Play Something will eliminate lost hours of series and movie searchSource: Netflix

New Features for Android and iOS

The functionality is available for Android devices and TVs around the world, with only iOS users yet to receive the update. The Fast Laughs feature, or “Quick Laughs” in Portuguese, was only available on Apple devices and is now being released on Android devices.

For now, Fast Laugh is only available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. The functionality displays funny clips from series and movies, almost like TikTok from streaming platforms.

Another cool feature released on iOS is Downloads for You, or “Downloads for You” in Portuguese, which automatically downloads movies and series depending on your taste. While Android users have been using this feature for a few months now, Netflix has revealed that the feature will be released for iOS only next month.

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