Netflix thriller will leave fans on edge

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If you like thrillers, Netflix has a catalog full of great options for your taste. From feature films acclaimed by the public and elite critics to independent and often unknown projects, the platform offers plots of the most diverse genres and themes.

Netflix also stands out by offering a number of international productions in its catalog, allowing viewers to watch cinematographic genres from different countries.

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One work of suspense that the general public knows little about is the film’s caliber, which – packed with a painful plot and shocking twists – leaves the audience with their nerves.

Watch below for everything you need to know about Caliber’s plot, critical reception, and cast!

Caliber is a British thriller that was first released in 2018. The film is a project by director Matt Palmer, and premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, arriving on Netflix shortly thereafter.

The film also had a limited release in UK cinemas in 2018.

The production of the feature film took 9 years to complete! Much of that period consisted of plot construction. The recording itself lasted two years, between 2016 and 2018.

The film follows the story of Vaughan and Marcus, two childhood friends who go on a hunting trip to a remote area in Scotland.

The pair are tested to such an extent when faced with a shocking situation for which neither of them could have prepared in advance.

It’s nearly impossible to reveal what happens without revealing huge spoilers of Caliber’s plot, but we can say that the heroes aren’t as innocent as they seem.

In addition to being very successful on stage, Caliber won the hearts of particular critics.

At Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 95% approval rating based on 19 different reviews.

“Caliber is a very well executed film, which leaves all audiences on edge,” commented on the review from Variety magazine.

The Hollywood Reporter review also praised the film’s social commentary and approach to very important subjects.

“A mature social commentary on the hardships of those living in remote and economically marginalized communities makes Caliber an excellent thriller marked by ambiguity,” the site says.

You probably don’t know the cast of Caliber! The film’s protagonists are played by two British actors, one from Scotland and the other from Northern Ireland.

Jack Lowden (Two Queens) plays Vaughn, a friend of his who travels to Scotland on a hunting expedition.

Irish Martin McCann (Marcella) plays Marcus, Vaughan’s childhood friend.

Tony Curran (Doctor Who) plays Logan McClay, a remote villager whose life is turned upside down after the arrival of Vaughn and Marcus.

Kate Bracken (Killing Eve), Cal McNinch (Downton Abbey), Ian Pirie (The Spanish Princess), Kitty Lovett (Call Me a Psycho) and Cameron are all set for Jack (Perfect Skin).

are you curious Caliber is available on Netflix; Check out the trailer below!

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