Netflix unveils Round 6 with WhatsApp in action

Netflix divulga Round 6 com ação no Whatsapp

“Round 6” is the most-watched series on Netflix at the moment, and that in itself is a huge promotion for them. But the streaming service devised a marketing strategy to engage fans of the South Korean series: Happening through WhatsApp.

netflix released a mysterious link This Thursday (30/9). When you access it, you are directed to start a conversation with WhatsApp. an automated text message “123 French Fries” is sent and then… Surprisingly!

Each person gets a different answer. They range from stylized “Round 6” stickers to Korean audio.

(Photo: WhatsApp)

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Round 6 breaks records on Netflix – and may break others

The South Korean series “Round 6”, also known as “Squid Game”, broke a record on Netflix. she became First South Korean series to reach #1 on Netflix’s most-watched list in the United States, and also the first person to spend a week at the top of the rankings. Information is from the Deadline website.

The record was broken months after a Netflix spokeswoman spoke at the International TV Academy that she believed an unspoken series in English could become one of the most-watched programs on the platform. “Round 6” has already reached #1 on the Netflix rankings in ten days – including Brazil – in 90 countries.

Round 6 breaks records on Netflix – and may break others
(Photo: Disclosure)

“Round 6” is poised to become Netflix’s most successful non-English series. And it might even beat the platform’s most popular series record, beating the 82 million homes that watched “Bridgeton.” Keep going at the same speed as you are walking.

“Round 6 will definitely be our biggest non-English show in the world for sure. It came out nine days ago and already has our chance to become the biggest show we have ever done,” Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said in the past. Said on Monday (27/9).

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