Netflix will remove scenes with phone numbers in the series after complaints; Understand Rolling Stone

Netflix will remove scenes with phone numbers in the series after complaints;  Understand Rolling Stone

After a real phone number is released in Round 6, Netflix plans to edit the scenes for the series

round 6Released on 17 September, is one of the great successes of Netflix, and achieved worldwide viewing records. Despite the success, the production ran into a major problem by revealing a real phone number in the scenes – and plans to edit the footage to remedy the situation.

hit series of Netflix Follows a deadly contest in which desperate and indebted people take part in an attempt to win the final prize of 49 billion won (about R$221 billion). To be admitted, applicants have to call a number and follow specific instructions.

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as explained NME, the production mistakenly released a phone number on the series that belongs to a South Korean – who receives many daily calls and pranks due to the series. Due to the error, UK regulator Ofcom condemned it Netflix.

Therefore Netflix And series creator Siren Pictures Inc. is in the process of solving the problem — and step one should be editing out scenes in which phone marks appear. In a statement to The Independent website, the streaming platform explained the situation:

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“With the production company, we’re working to address this issue, including editing out scenes with phone numbers when necessary,” explained Netflix. In an interview, the South Korean owner of the issue explained that, all of a sudden, they started receiving four thousand daily calls and pranks – and it was only after a warning from the callers found out the reason.

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Round 6 sues Netflix

as explained Diversity, an Internet company from South Korea, the SK Broadband, filed suit against Netflix Due to the high data traffic used by the audience to watch the production.

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The company claims that the data traffic that used to be seen round 6 The reason for the huge success of the series is huge in the country, and the need for streaming to pay for the maintenance of the traffic. For this the company asks Netflix Pay the equivalent of R$124 million.

in a statement sent to Diversity, the streaming platform said it would appeal to “believers in a collaborative relationship between content providers and ISPs, each providing the best experience for mutual consumers.”

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