Netflix’s LGBTQIA+ movie is a cliched but sweet story

Netflix's LGBTQIA+ movie is a cliched but sweet story

Hundreds of Christmas movies are released every year in theaters and on streaming platforms. There is a subgenre within this genre, which is also used at this time of year: romantic comedies that take place during the week of Christmas. It is possible to cite hundreds of examples, and we find another A crush for Christmas.

feature film directed by Michael Meyer and written by Chad Hodges is one of the first to bring a story focused on the LGBTQIA+ community, which typically starred in heavy dramas about prejudice and discrimination. This time around, the intention was to make a light and fun film – and it worked out really well.

In the film, Peter (Michael Urie) will spend the holidays at his parents’ house in the United States. However, he refrains from asking questions about their relationships, as he is always looking for a “Prince Charming” and never finds him. To escape from the problems, he calls his best friend Nick.Philemon Chambers) Pretending to be your boyfriend for the weekend.

It turns out that your parents (barry bostwick I Kathy Nazimyo) has other plans and gets Peter into trouble during a “blind date” with a personal trainer (luke macfarlaneWith all these delusions, Peter begins to look at Nick with different eyes, and begins to suspect that the love he’s always wanted may be closer than he thought.

The film follows all the rules of a Christmas romantic comedy, with the traditional fiesta at the end of the year and a message of love and brotherhood at the end. Nothing is different from what has been produced so far, but it has an intense charm that captivates the masses. The film is now available on streaming. Watch more details in the video above.

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