Netflix’s “major production” filming begins today in Lisbon and limits traffic in the capital

Netflix's "major production" filming begins today in Lisbon and limits traffic in the capital

Netflix began recording a “major production” in downtown Lisbon this Thursday that will cause some traffic “conditions” in the Estrella area.

In a note published on its Facebook page, the Parish Council of Estrella revealed that “the Netflix streaming platform is preparing for a major production in Lisbon”.

“Between June 30 and July 15, some of the arteries of our parish will face some parking restrictions due to the filming of a feature film by a Netflix producer in the area of ​​the Parish of Estrella”, he added.

According to the same note, “From 8:00 am on June 30th, until 8:00 am on July 1st and July 2nd, the following roads will be banned: Rua de Buenos Aires, Rua de So Caetano, Rua da Lapa, Lapa in Travesa do Norte and in Rua de So Domingos in Lapa, in Rua das Pracas, in Travesa de Sto Antonio in Santos and in Rua do Prior”.

“If you live in one of these streets, Netflix aims to minimize the impact of your presence in our parish, so you will need to complete the form. Form“, he concludes.

But it is not only in Estrella that recording takes place. The newspaper ‘Publico’ further stated that filming would also take place in the neighborhoods of Mauraria, Chiado and Baixa, adding that it was the spy and action film, Heart of Stone, starring Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman).

The film thus joins Speed ​​Furiosa, which has also been recorded in Portugal, most notably in the city of Vise. “There has been a lot of demand for Portugal as a filming destination with Gloria, the first Portuguese original production by major production companies, streaming companies such as HBO Max, Amazon and of course Netflix,” says the executive director of the Portugal Film Commission. (PFC). ), Sandra Neves, to the newspaper.

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“It has been found, moreover, [um interesse crescente] Not only from platforms but also from producers in the United Kingdom, USA, demonstrating that Portugal is considered a relevant destination. Right now we are swimming in the big pool”, he concluded.

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