Netflix’s Marvel Series Coming To Disney+ With New Labels And Outside The MCU

Netflix's Marvel Series Coming To Disney+ With New Labels And Outside The MCU

While we’re still waiting for fate the destroyer, Punisher and others defenders In Brazil, the old Marvel series produced by Netflix arrived with a new name in the Disney+ catalog this Wednesday (16) in the United States and a few other countries. Eventually, it was clear that Mickey Mouse would not take a competing stage name and, in order to circumvent this, placed the series on a new label.

From now on, these stories are aggregated within what’s called streaming defenders saga, This is the same distinction the service has already made with some of its films, as in the case of Infinity Saga associated with feature films. avengers and the villain Thanos.

Daredevil finally reached the Avengers playground, but was placed in a separate playpen (Image: Handout/Netflix)

Additionally, this section will be devoted entirely to this story for customers using Disney+, including the . except for three seasons of the destroyer give more Punisher, All other episodes of Jessica Jones, luke cage, iron Fist it is from defenders,

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out of chronology

Also, the classification does not make it clear whether these productions are associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as we know it.

Chronologically better than getting lost in a limbo outside of streaming (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

It’s worth remembering that the series was born with this proposal, but disagreements between Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment practically made the films and series separate universes – until Daredevil and Kingpin reappeared. spider man: no return home And Archer Hawkrespectively, messing with the fan head.

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So much so that in the United States and countries where defenders saga Added, Disney+ does not at any point place the series in various stages of the MCU, almost as if it considers them to be something separate, in the same way as it was already being done. agents of SHIELD

In Brazil, the arrival of these chains is still unknown. So far, neither Disney+ nor Star+ has received older Netflix content and maybe their destination platform in Latin America will help answer whether or not these stories are part of the MCU. However, for now, we are still waiting and in doubt.

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