Netflix’s ‘My Love’ new documentary series opens in April

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Korean director Jin Moyang Expansion of its acclaimed documentaryMy love, don’t cross that riverIn ‘The Documentary Series My Love – Six True Love Story, Which debuts globally Netflix April 13, 2021. From the Korean coast to a slum in Rio, from the suburbs of Tokyo to rural farms in India, Spain and the USA, each episode recounts the lives of a year-old couple who are sensitive to their love story. Keep an eye on

Brazil is represented in the first episode of the series. Rio de Janeiro documentary directed by the filmmaker Carolina S.A. (Construction, Musica Libre), brings specific aspects of Brazilian culture into the international chain. The story is about Jurama and Nikinha, two women who have been in a relationship for 43 years and together, raising their children and grandchildren in Rochinha in Rio de Janeiro. Their daily life was recorded for 12 months during 2019, and depicts the daily life of a sensitive love story as the couple chase their dreams.

The series is also directed by Deepti Kakkar and Fahd Mustafa (India), Hikaru Toda (Japan), Jin Moyong (Korea), Chico Pereira (Spain) and Elaine McMillan Sheldon (United States).

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