Netflix’s reality sexy Beasts controversy with costume

Netflix’s reality sexy Beasts controversy with costume

Sexy Beasts: Unmasked Love came about on the premise of being a reality dating show in which participants meet in fantasies. Now, these organizations are causing controversy in the furry community, which experiences ridicule by Netflix shows.

UK Metro revealed that fans of the community didn’t like how the costumes are used in Sexy Beasts. The furry movement is a subculture in which people fan and dress like fictional animal characters with human characteristics and personality, with human characteristics and personality.

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The movement emerged between the 1970s and 1980s and continues to gain followers. Fans who create their characters’ costumes can also build on existing characters or even animals from myth.

In addition to the way the costumes are presented, Fury Nation book author Joe Strike believes that the creators of Sexy Beasts used the community as inspiration. But supporters of the movement also get angry that it is not mentioned.

“I think the producers aren’t coming out and explicitly saying it’s cute, but they know there’s awareness of it. They’re trying to get it for them without using the F word. are,” the author explained.

The way the show treats the costumes also creates controversy on Netflix. For example, the first line from narrator Rob Delaney is, “On this show, people are going to be as weird as possible.”

The author also comments that reception among the beloved community is already quite negative.

Sexy Beast is available on Netflix

The Netflix program garnered a lot of attention on social media because of its unusual concept. You have to wait for many people to watch at least one episode to get an idea of ​​what the show is like.

“Ready to say goodbye to shallow dating?” called synopsis. “Sexy Beasts is a dating show that looks completely out of the equation, using luxurious, state-of-the-art prosthetics to transform anyone’s dating – giving them the chance to find love based entirely on personality! “

The premise of Sexy Beasts is fairly simple: Singles disguise themselves in makeup and complete the look with animal prostheses, then participate in blind dates.

Each episode depicts a man in search of a man with a great personality. The participant has the possibility to attend three meetings, always with people in makeup and prostheses.

It is only after the choice is confirmed that the true face of the contestant is revealed at the end of the episode.

The production is based on a similar series, which achieved greatest success in the UK. Netflix has already authorized the initial production of season two of Sexy Beasts.

Sexy Beasts: Unmasked Love is available on Netflix.

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