Network Shutdown in March: 3G Shutdown in Telecom

Network Shutdown in March: 3G Shutdown in Telecom

UMTS network shutdown Of Telecom Will be on 15 March. At this time, the network is closed forever over a relatively large area on the border between the Rhineland-Palatinate and Hess. The cities of Koblenz, Bad Ames, Lahnstein, Limburg a der Lahn, and 1 and 1 headquarters in Montabour are in the closed area of ​​the city. There are 166 locations in total where telecom 3g Closes.

The reason for the initial shutdown is tests that Telecom intends to carry out. According to Telecom, the technical components of all network equipment providers in the large Coblenz / Limburg area will be tested equally in urban and rural areas. It also includes tests on motorways, railways and tunnels. Telecom wants to ensure that everything goes smoothly when 3G is replaced nationwide in the summer of 2021. Competitor too Vodafone has already started this kind of test.

Telecom LTE will intensify in the test area from April

In practice, the shutdown should hardly affect customers in the testing area. They “already today almost without exception” LTE or already 5g Use. Some customers who notice the shutdown should have a critical approach to telecoms, which is expected over the summer. Among other things, it is about the capabilities required in a call center, questions from customers about the correct settings of their smartphones and more.

UMTS– Telecom network is still broadcast on 5 MHz spectrum. The remaining UMTS spectrum is already used for LTE and 5G. From April, the remaining spectrum in the test area will then also be used for LTE and 5G. This makes the network even faster. Compared to a year ago, the spectrum is then 20 MHz higher.

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Power off: Sometimes necessary new cell phone

After 3G is switched off in telecommunications networks, calls are made via voice-over-LTE to 2G / GSM or 4G networks. However, not every cell phone supports this. Even without modern equipment, customers will be able to talk to each other through GSM network in future. So if you only want to make phone calls, then you do not need a new phone. However, we recommend using a VoLTE-enabled device for optimum voice quality. For data transfer you need LTE mobile phone anyway. Telecom assumes that it will Several thousand customers all over Germany However, they use their cell phones for mobile data transfer. No lte cell phone yet to keep.

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