New prime minister suspends plan to deport immigrants

New prime minister suspends plan to deport immigrants

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Keir Starmer, said during his first press conference this Saturday, 6, that there are plans to deport Rwandans Africawill not be applied to immigrants entering the country and seeking asylum. The idea for the program came from conservative politicians who were defeated in the last election.

“The Rwanda plan was over and buried before it even started,” the British prime minister said.

The statement was one of Starmer’s first major announcements in office, although the measure had already been expected to be scrapped. During the campaign he, who is from labour partyhad already said that he would abandon this plan.

New UK Prime Minister: Meetings and Announcements

The leader of the Labour Party in power in Britain should be
Keir Starmer, leader of the UK Labour Party – and Britain’s youngest prime minister | Photo: Reproduction/X/Twitter

Starmer made the announcement after holding his first cabinet meeting as the new Prime Minister. The event came a day after the Labour Party won the parliamentary election. This resulted in ending 14 years of Conservative government in the United Kingdom.

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The Rwanda plan was one of the signature policies of the former conservative prime minister Rishi Sunak Attempting to stop migrants from making the dangerous Channel crossing. However, the measure faced human rights challenges in getting off the ground.

Despite the government spending millions of dollars on a deal with the East African nation, the scheme never succeeded in deporting a single person.

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