New PS5 model launched in Australia, weighs less than the original

New PS5 model launched in Australia, weighs less than the original

The ratchet has a beautiful gold screw.

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In Australia, some people have found new ones. PS5 Models that are sold in stores. But don’t get too excited. These new console revisions aren’t adding bigger hard drives or more powerful hardware. Instead, these new revisions make only a few minor changes, including replacing a single screw.

As reported by Australia-based Game Store Press start, these new PS5 models were shipped in the country last week. Clearly, Press start believes that Australia is the first country to receive shipments of the new models. These new consoles have CFI-11XX . There is a slightly modified model numbering scheme with. (Basic version PS5 consoles use the CFI-1XXX.) These console models appear to be nearly identical. One small change is a new screw used to secure the PS5 to its bracket. Previously, this screw could only be tightened or loosened with a single tool. Now the little screw has been changed and you can do everything manually. What is the time to live

In fact, I totally understand this small change. Establishment My PS5 mount was a headache, between its odd shape and hard-to-find screws. Perhaps this new and improved screw is just a small improvement in quality of life.

New screw on the left, old screw on the right

It also appears that these new models, which come in digital and disc versions, weigh around 10 ounces. Or 300g less than the original PS5 console. Right now there isn’t much information about what is and isn’t on these consoles which could explain the difference in weight. It’s not just a new screw! Sony is silent on these changes and has not released further public information about them.

in maySony has registered a new wireless communication module for use in a new PS5 model. The new module replaces the J20H100 WiFi module used in all PS5 launch machines. But unless someone with the skills and equipment gets their hands on one of these new Australian PS5s, we can’t be sure if it’s the module and if it explains the weight difference.

However, if you’re still looking for a PS5, good luck! Sony expects console shortages to be a problem next year Who Pandemic and continued global shortage of chips Makes it difficult for companies to produce and ship electronic components. Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need a PS5 Yet. You have too many games in your backlog that you need to finish anyway. And now that you’ve waited almost a year, you get a nice new screw on your PS5. Look, good things come to those who wait.

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