New Ring Security Drone Will Fly Around Your Home – NextStar Media Wire

New Ring Security Drone Will Fly Around Your Home - NextStar Media Wire

Ring security devices have always been in the air with home cams, drones that will patrol inside your home.

Amazon has announced 9,249 devices A blog post On Thursday.

“In terms of privacy, it only records on the fly; When not in use, it sits in a dock and the camera is physically blocked, ”according to Amazon. “And, it’s too loud for you to hear when it’s in motion.”

Said the ring In a statement That the device will only fly the specified routes during setup, and cannot be controlled manually.

Ring said, “Obstacle avoidance technology allows it to avoid unexpected things as it travels on pre-determined routes, and its small size, light weight design and shroud propeller make it a safe move throughout the house. Enable portability.

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff said the product’s inspiration was to create a single camera, “which can give consumers the flexibility of every view around the home while using our basic principles of foundation and security.” “

Despite promises of privacy and security, not everyone seems comfortable with the idea.

Technical reviewer Walt Mossberg Tweet“There are no laws in a country that regulate digital privacy. Anyone who buys it from a company with a history of privacy issues is insane.”

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Silky Carlo of Big Brother Watch, a British non-profit organization set up to defend civil liberties BBC“It’s hard to imagine why Amazon would think that anyone would want a flight internet camera attached to a data collection company in the privacy of their home.”

Other devices Amazon introduced on Thursday included a line of ring security cameras for cars, a rounded Amazon Echo, a new Fire TV stick and the Luna + Art Cloud gaming service.

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