New rumor suggests that Kojima Productions was rejected by Sony

New rumor suggests that Kojima Productions was rejected by Sony

Rumors that Hideo Kojima Will be close to reaching an agreement to launch its next game with Microsoft Getting stronger and stronger. Now, an insider said that Those people Gave her next title Play Station, But it was refused, and it was determined that with the agreement Microsoft Close to closing.

During a podcast episode Xbox eraO Interiors Shpeshal_Ed Said that Kojima Productions sought Sony To talk about their next game, but the company declined the offer, unsatisfied with the commercial success Death trap.

According to the insider, the developer can also be talked to Google this is The stadium Because apparently your next game will use a lot of cloud technology.

Ed also said that the agreement between KP and Microsoft would be close to closing and if that happens, we will hear the news soon. In October 2020, Kojima Productions themselves confirmed that the studio’s new project was already underway.

Recently, two rumors about Kojima’s next game rocked the internet: the first was that survival horror is exclusive PS5 Announced last week Abandoned Will there be such a game – The developer himself has spoken out to refute the rumors.

And another came from a journalist Jeff grub, Who previously reported that Kojima Productions would negotiate with Microsoft to launch its new game. Grubb cited internal sources and a coincidence from Microsoft Boss’s last life, Phil spencer, Which had a KP figure on its stage shelf next to the Xbox symbol.

In the last week, the publisher 505 games Disclosed Death stranding revenue on PC has already exceeded $ 27 million in sales in 2020 – When exclusivity ended with PlayStation. Months ago, Kojima commented that the game was also a sales success on the console, to pay for itself and to guarantee the production company’s next project.

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