New species of flying dinosaur discovered in Australia; 4 meters

New species of flying dinosaur discovered in Australia; 4 meters

Fossil bones of a new species of flying dinosaur have been identified in Australia. Opening its wings, Ornithochiromorpha reached 4.6 meters. This animal was known as a great hunter of fish and caused fear, it lived 100 million years ago.

According to experts, this new species may have also lived in Brazil. Ornithocheiromorpha belonged to a group of pterosaurs that may have lived in the United Kingdom, Morocco, China, Spain and the United States.

“Mr. Peterson’s careful preparation has provided the remains with the most complete specimen [Ornithocheiromorph] and any pterosaur discovered in Australia to date,” said Adele Pentland, who led the research at Curtin University in Australia.

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The new species was discovered two years ago in Queensland, but has only now been publicly revealed.

The flying dinosaur was named Halischia peterseni, “Peterson’s sea ghost”, and will be displayed along with other marine fossils at the Kronosaurus Corner museum in Queensland.

The fossilized bones were discovered by Kevin Peterson, who conducts public excavations near the city of Richmond. An expert on the subject, he looked at the bones and immediately realized that it was a pterosaur – a type of flying dinosaur.

The research team, led by Adele Pentland, analyzed the bones and identified the prehistoric animal based on the shape of the skull, the arrangement of the teeth and the size of the humerus.

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The expert said that this species of flying dinosaur was called the “monstrous pelican” because its mouth was very large. When open, it could catch several fish at once.

In total, the new species has 43 teeth, vertebrae, ribs, both wing bones and part of a leg.

Studies show that flying dinosaurs had very thin throat bones and a muscular tongue, which would have helped in feeding.

Here’s how it would have been:

Fossilized bones of flying dinosaurs have been found in Australia. With their wings open, Ornithocheiromorpha reached 4.6 meters. – Photo: Illustration of the ‘monstrous pelican’, Heliscia petersoni/Gabriel Ugueto

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