New York Giants ‘Seacon Berkeley’ is closed, will not return

New York Giants 'Seacon Berkeley' is closed, will not return

The New York Giants are running back Secun Barclays After a run in the beginning of the first quarter, the field was taken by the Rails. He left the game against the Chicago Bears with a right knee injury and was in severe pain.

The Giants said Berkeley’s knees were being x-rayed. The team said he would have more tests on Monday.

Barclays was injured when he ran to the sidelines and was being handled by Chicago Bears security. Eddie Jackson. He grabbed his knee as he walked toward the ground.

Barclays was later taken to the locker room and punched in disgust. He gave up four runs at 28 yards before coming out.

It came moments after Berkeley was forced to memorize a play when he landed on his left arm.

Beers had their own running issues. Running back David Montgomery A lineman was tried for obstruction, cut off and his head was struck. He went to the medical tent and then to the locker room.

Bears said he was skeptical of returning with a neck injury.

This has been a difficult start for Barclays and the Giants. Barclays ran for 15 carry and 6 yards in the opener and was publicly criticized by former giants Tiki Barber for stopping him. Berkeley suffered 11 of 15 career-based injuries and had eight negative runs.

Barclays’ first run again took a negative turn in Chicago on Sunday, and the Giants trailed 10-0 when they left.

Berkeley, 23, is in his third professional season since being selected with the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He was stopped by a high ankle sprain last year after a massive hurricane season in which he collected more than 2,000 total yards.

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The Giants were expected to create this penalty around Berkeley, a talented return that General Manager Dave Gattleman considered a talented and future “gold jacket” player.

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