Newgarden slams Rahal, says F1’s growth in the US is in line with IndyCar. can be ‘beneficial’ for

Newgarden slams Rahal, says F1’s growth in the US is in line with IndyCar.  can be ‘beneficial’ for

Joseph Newgarden said he “loves Formula 1” and sees no problem expanding the range into the US territory.

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After Graham Rahal spoke a few good words about Formula 1’s ‘invasion’ into the United States, Joseph Newgarden tried to put a lid on history. The two-time Indy champion did not agree with his racing partner, saying F1’s growth in the American arena could be beneficial to the local single-seater category as well.

Rahal’s statements came after Formula 1 announced that from 2023 he would race in Las Vegas. For the next season, there will be three races on American soil – Miami and Austin, on the Circuit of the Americas, are also included in the calendar. The 33-year-old American driver has strongly criticized F1’s over-presence in the United States and demanded that IndyCar manager Roger Penske take a less conservative stance and move the series to Europe “to counterbalance”.

IndyCar driver Graham Rahal hit out at Formula 1 and said some good things about the category (Photo: IndyCar)

“I think it is undeniable that the moment is all in Formula 1’s favour,” Newgarden began. “It’s been like this for the past few years and we’re seeing its effects. Its impact continues to be here in the United States, probably more than anywhere else in the world. What I love about it is that we’re having a lot of We’re attracting new motorsport fans who don’t usually pay attention to the sport. I think it can only be a positive for us on the Indy side, to be quite honest.

“If you are interested in Formula 1 and it fascinates you, I see no reason – if we expose you to IndyCar racing – you will not find yourself fascinated with Indy as well, if not more, Newgarden continued, winning the most recent Grand Prix of the 2022 IndyCar season in Texas in the final corner of the final lap. “I’ve always been of the opinion that if you’re a fan of motorsport, you’re a fan of all categories. Maybe it’s not a classification for everyone who is part of this new influx that F1 is bringing, but I think our racing style is very similar and there are so many similarities between the two categories that we can really connect with this new wave of fans that they are creating,” he said.


The Las Vegas Strip will host the third F1 race in the United States (Photo: Reproduction)

“I love Formula 1. I love Indy a little more, but I think there is room for both categories to grow together, and that’s not a bad thing for us,” the two-time champion concluded.

On the IndyCar leaderboard, Joseph Newgarden jumped to fourth in the overall standings following the Texas win with 65 points. Scott McLaughlin is leading with 97 points. The American single-seater category will be back in action for the Long Beach GP later this week, April 10.

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