Niche dating sites and apps — a trend of 2021-2022

What do you think is the main problem in today’s online dating market? No, not coronavirus restrictions, closed borders, or an abundance of questionable individuals on dating sites and apps. The main problem of the dating market — it’s oversaturated.

Already in 2020-2021, the volume of the global online dating market has reached $12 billion. According to Mark Kelly, an analyst at the Japanese holding company Nomura, there are about 310 million people in the world (excluding users from China) who use dating sites and applications. And their number is constantly growing. As the number of dating services themselves is growing. There are more than eight thousand of them at the moment.

There are unconditional leaders in this area — Tinder, Badoo, eHarmony and others. These are the most popular online dating services, but they’re gradually losing their audience. Why does that happen? They are too standardized, do not go beyond the usual limits and don’t offer users anything truly new. And people today, spoiled by the constant modernization of Internet services, are always in search of something unusual and non-standard. So now niche dating sites and apps have arrived on the scene!

Popular niche dating services

Veggly — a dating site for vegetarians. The site has several specific features:

  • The service is completely free for all users
  • Veggly is available in a web version as well as in iOS and Android apps
  • in your profile, among other things, you can specify the date on which you became a vegetarian.

Considering that vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more popular every year, the relevance of Veggly cannot be overestimated. The site is really relevant for those who do not eat meat and animal products. Thanks to Veggly, you can only meet people with whom you are on the same wavelength.

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Kippo — the most popular dating app for gamers. It brings together millions of players around the world and helps make new friends. It also has several unique features:

  • Non-standard system of profile registration with “decks of cards”
  • Gamification of the dating process without annoying swipes and suchlike
  • The ability to find users near you or search for interesting people around the world

Forbes magazine even wrote about Kippo, calling the application a platform that gives users really expressive ways of communication. And representatives of LA Tech Watch said that finally gamers have the opportunity to find the perfect match doing what they love.

NuiT — an application in which the search for the perfect pair is based on astrological match. Among the main features of the service are the following:

  • Deep analysis of the natal chart of each user for compatibility
  • Daily horoscopes and predictions from astrologers
  • Visualization of your birth chart and detailed analytics

The NUiT Astrology Match service is primarily focused on those users who are interested in astrology and are convinced that the zodiac sign, date of birth and other factors really affect people’s compatibility. If you are one of them, this application will be simply irreplaceable for you.

Loosid — a dating platform for people struggling with all kinds of addictions. First of all, alcohol and narcotics. The main features of the service:

  • A large and loyal community united by mutual understanding and support
  • Loosid’s Recovery Voices section, where addiction experts share tips and tricks
  • The ability to find like-minded people, support each other and build strong relationships with them
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Loosid is an incredibly important social platform for addicted people who need support and who feel lonely. Forbes, People, ABC News, Fox News and other major publications have written about the site many times.

Chispa — a dating app targeted at Latin American users. It helps Latinos and Latinas find each other, get to know each other, and start relationships. Among the features of the site:

  • Search for people nearby
  • Personalized selection of profiles that you might like
  • Flexible search settings for potential partners.

The basic operation principle of Chispa is similar to Tinder or Badoo. But the focus on Latin American users makes the service unique in its area.

Flutter — a dating app that only runs on Sundays and doesn’t distract users the rest of the week. Several more important features too:

  • The application encourages quick acquaintances and does not turn dating into endless messaging
  • Access to the profiles of other users is provided for only a few hours a week.
  • You can edit your own profile at any time.

Flutter helps keep online dating from being a chore and saves you time, which is especially important in the modern world. The app is only available on iOS.

S’More — an application in which photos of users are blurred and appear only as you communicate and get acquainted. Key features:

  • You can’t see right away what a person look like
  • The more communication — the more clear the photo will be
  • Maximum security and privacy

The S’More developers are confident that appearance is not the main thing in the search for a pair. And the first impression about a person cannot be made solely by looks.

Cam chats — shining example of niche dating sites

Webcam chats have been around for over 10 years — since 2009. And they remain very niche services, radically different from the classic dating sites. The main principle of their work is randomness. You cannot specify exact search criteria, and that’s the main charm of webcam chats — you never know what kind of person will appear on the screen any second.

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Live cam chats with strangers give users a lot of great advantages:

  1. The ability to get acquainted as quickly as possible and without unnecessary steps: registration, filling out a profile, uploading photos and more.
  2. Removing any geographical and other limitations — you can meet people from all over the world.
  3. Security and privacy. Other users will not be able to find out anything about you, unless you personally provide them with information.

Cam to cam chats are, among other things, very versatile services where you can find new friends, chat on interesting topics, improve your language skills, cope with shyness and awkwardness, and if you’re lucky even meet your soulmate. Every year more and more couples arrive in the world after meeting on the Internet. In particular, via random cam chats,, and

There’s a niche dating site for everyone

Non-standard dating services and cam chats are changing the industry — that’s a fact. And every year users become more and more interested in niche sites that open up a lot of new opportunities for them.

Now you can find interesting chat partners and even your true love by interests, sexual preferences, passions, hobbies, religious beliefs and other factors. We believe this is a very positive trend for everyone.

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