Nintendo presents 21 new Indies games at Switch event

Nintendo presents 21 new Indies games at Switch event

During this afternoon, 14, a Nintendo Announced 21 games To switch during the event Indie world. Varying in style and style, the game promises to bring a lot of entertainment and fun to players in shouting feats, action without limits and a lot of fighting against terrifying creatures.

Check out what happened:

Oxenfree II: Lost Signal

Oxenfree II: Lost SignalThe long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed game, appearing at the end of the event, surprised fans. developed by MWN Interactive;

The excitement of Oxenfree continues!

The story continues what we saw Oxenfree, 5 years after the events of the first game, return with Riley to his hometown to investigate mysterious radio frequencies that cause problems in the area. The game will be released later this year for the Nintendo Switch.

Road 96

Road 96, gives DigixArt, Is a game that focuses on fiction that blends genres of adventure, exploration, and puzzle. The game presents a story with hundreds of possible options, resulting in very different paths that the player can follow. Thus, it is possible to meet new characters, discover their stories, and even put themselves in great danger. All choices, whether they are small or grand, will significantly change your statement. The game will be released by the end of the year for Switch.

Oleoli world

Oleoli world, Developed by Roll7, is a new chapter in the series Oleoli, This time bringing an even more daring adventure. In this game you will take part in incredible scenarios, creating radical maneuvers while exploring the mythical gods of skate. Sailing through vibrant colors, chatting with fun characters and engaging in secret and alternate paths, you’ll enjoy an adventure that gets used to you. The game for the Nintendo Switch will be released in Brazilian summer (during the American winter).


Launched by Annapurna Interactive, Carbuncle Presents an emotional tale starring an older woman who remembers her family. The objects around him serve as portals that unlock memories of the past, showing decisions that changed the life of the protagonist forever. The game will be released later this year for the Nintendo Switch.

The last stop

Also launched by Annapurna Interactive, The last stop Is a third-person single player game. In it you venture through the streets of London, playing with three different characters whose lives collided in the midst of a supernatural crisis. It is up to you to find out what connects them and what will be the destination of each of them. The game will be released in July for Switch.

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With a very interesting proposal, Longing A beautiful game with a hand drawn art style. In this, the players follow the journey ShadowA king’s servant, who after 400 days was entrusted with the task of awakening the powerful from his deep sleep. What makes the game so interesting? That time is measured in real life. Regardless of whether you play or not play, time will run out and your mission will be to get a shed to spend time waiting for time to awaken your king. So you can explore caves, solve puzzles and collect secret items. The game was released today for the Nintendo Switch.

Ever Yield of Aerial_Knight

Developed by Aerial_Knight, Ever Yield of Aerial_Knight Is a racing game in which the player has to pay attention to the obstacles that come in his way. Runs, jumps and glides against the backdrop of a style Detroit like Tokyo ValleyThe hero manages to save the world in this ravaged future. The game will be released on May 19, with the demo now available on the Nintendo Switch.


didFrom polytron, presents Gomez, A 2D creature living in a 2D world … until the third dimension unfolds. Now Gomez needs to take a journey to find out what is going on, as he ventures through time and space, while using his skills to change 2D perspective and control 3D structures. Uses. The game reached the Nintendo Switch today.

Aztec Forgotten God

Inspired by Aztec mythology, Aztec Forgotten God, gives The canvasPut a player in the shoes of a warrior, who attempts to unravel the ancient mysteries of the future gods, through a futuristic and classic Mesoamerican metropolis, facing powerful gods and improving to continue their quest. Is receiving The game on the Nintendo Switch will be released in the Brazilian spring (which is in the American autumn).

No Games: Wrong Dimensions

With a proposal to play with the concepts and present many challenges, There is no game: the wrong dimension, gives Draw me a pixel, Presents a comic adventure full of riddles and puzzles. The game is all experimental, full of surprises and different from what is usually released, taking the player on a truly unexpected journey. Now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge of the Shredder

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge of the Shredder, gives Tribute GamesThe ninja tries to resume the nineties glory of the turtle. Creating a game that combines classic and modern elements that originates directly from an arcade machine. In a style game Kill him, Up to four players (through local or online co-op) can play this adventure game. The game will be released later this year for Switch.


Crystal, gives Dreams unreserved I SYCK, Inspired by JRPG games, but introduces the element of time travel into fiction and war. Thus, it is possible to change your opponents, making them smaller or larger, resulting in surprising changes in gameplay. Exploring this gloomy world coming out of fairy tales, the player can recruit allies, discover new kingdoms, and try to stop villainous schemes that endanger everyone. The game will be released on July 20 on Switch.

Gatesfumden: Understanding Moon

developed by Konami and for Guruguru, Gatesfumden: Understanding Moon it’s a game hack and slash style no roguelike. In the game, players venture through a landscape inspired by Japan, facing monsters, through intense bosses and dangerous dungeons. The game will be released in 2022 for Switch.

Animals of Maravilla Island

Animals of Maravilla Island gives Banana Bird Studio A 3D adventure focuses on a wildlife photographer traveling to the island of Marvilla, a magical ecosystem to unravel extraordinary creatures and take a picture of all the glory of these incredible figures. The game will be released in June for Switch.

Skull: The Hero Slayer

Change what we’re using Skull: The Hero Slayer gives SouthPAW Games It does not present the story of a hero. This time we are in the hands of a villain, who will destroy the entire army until he manages to save his king. The game is 2-D in style roguelikePresenting a difference: You change the skull as you change your skills and thus, you have more than that 90 playable variations. Each head will bring you new special abilities to continue its journey. The game will be released in the Brazilian winter (ie in the US summer) for the Switch.

Rally art

Rally art gives Funselektor Labs Inc This is what the title suggests: a game about the art of rally. In it you will drive cars inspired by the golden age of rally racing, go through new challenges and race on tracks around the world. The game will be released in the Brazilian winter (ie in the US summer) for the Switch.

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KeyWe, gives Stonehot and Sons, Is a cooperative puzzle of two small kiwi birds that work together in a magic match. Their mission is to deliver the messages on time and for this, they have to jump, fly and overcome the challenges of each level. The game will be released in August for Switch.

Children at last: the quiet of the knights

Children at last: the quiet of the knights, gives Binary hedge interactive, Is a 2D fantasy RPG with a very dark history. Bringing an encounter with terrifying enemies, where any slip can be fatal, the player will need to overcome these challenges to find the truth. Fortunately, he will rely on the help of fallen warriors in this endeavor. The game will be released on June 21 for Switch.

Weave tide

developed by Follow the wings, sport Weave tide It will take you on an incredible journey on a journey, which includes exploring the ancient dungeons, solving puzzles, facing your enemies, and uncovering the great mysteries of a forgotten past. The single player game will be released in May for Switch.

Maze City: Pierre the Maze Detective

Maze City: Pierre the Maze Detective, gives Darjeeling, Is an adaptation of a series of children’s books of the same title. The game requires you to venture through incredibly detailed mazes and discover powerful artifacts. On your journey, you will have missions that let you interact with over 500 special objects and characters, find 100 hidden objects and wander through beautiful landscapes. The game will be released for Switch this fall (and therefore in spring).

The House of the Dead: Remake

Is a remake of ya The House of the Dead: Remake, gives Forever entertainment, Is the return of the classic arcade shooting game. Now with an updated look and a change in gameplay, gamers have the challenge to investigate the disappearance and face a multitude of monsters in a multiplayer adventure. The game will be released later this year for Switch.

So, which sport were you most concerned about? Comment!

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