Ninth generation games Scarlett and Violet announced

Ninth generation games Scarlett and Violet announced

The Pokémon Company today (27) announced two new titles in the franchise! call from Purple And RedThe game will bring a new generation of little monsters as well as a new continent.

the announcement came at the end Pokemon Presents, and provided some details about the game. yet new initialswhich can be seen below:

Initials of the new generation of Pokemon.

In the presentation, it was also possible to see the game’s announcement trailer:

The names of the newly introduced monsters have not yet been revealed in the video, but the website serebiPokemon is known to release information, indicated that the grass type kitten is called sprigtitefire is crocodile fucocoand water type ducks are called quaxley, The name of the new region was not disclosed in the video, but the look and name of the new Pokémon indicate that the location will be inspired by Mexico, Spain or other Hispanic regions.

There was also no information on the game’s mechanics or Pokedex, so it’s too early to know how many and which Pokemon will appear in the title, or if it will have mechanics inspired by recent games, such as sword And shieldor the same Legends: Arseus, Nevertheless, what is shown indicates that this is the case, as many smaller monsters occupy the setting, and locations are similar. wooded area can be seen from the previous generation. It also gives the impression of a more open world, which may indicate further inspiration.

Pokemon: Scarlett And Pokemon: Violet Still no release date, but the game will come Nintendo Switch At the end of 2022,

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