No more customs formalities for transport from UK to EU

British motorcyclists who took their motorcycles to the EU often faced problems and high fines in EU countries.

Source: FEMA

Following the action of FEMA, FIVA and NMC, the European Commission has now confirmed that transporting a motorcycle or car from the UK to the continent should not be a problem.

This may sound strange to many of us, but a large number of British residents do not take their motorbikes to the mainland, but put them in vans or trailers, or to transport motorbikes to that area. Hire a shipping company where they want. Ride. with him. In addition, historic vehicle owners do the same to transport their vehicle in such a way as to participate in exhibitions, rallies, etc.

For years this happened without major problems, but then came January 1, 2021. This time, the story of a Dutch customs officer who confiscated a ham cheese sandwich from a truck driver, saying: “Sorry sir, welcome to Brexit”. As far as is known, confiscation of motorcycles has not gone that far, but in 2021 owners of motorcycles and historic vehicles faced heavy fines and tax bills, which had to be paid on the spot.

Reports from misguided owners and transportation companies (some of which have ceased to exist) have alerted vehicle owners no longer at risk of shipping their motorcycles or historic vehicles to the mainland for temporary use, FEMA, NMC (National Council of Motorcyclist UK) and the federation of historic vehicles FIVA have decided to take joint action.

In December 2021, he wrote a letter to the European Commissioner Breton asking for a solution. The Commission’s response came in May 2022 and is quite clear: “Means of transport temporarily entering the EU and leaving the UK after a few weeks may be placed under temporary entry and declared to customs by a single act of crossing the border”.

In case of use for exhibitions, other events or just holidays, no customs formalities are required at the time of entry and exit. In other words: it is not necessary to submit a customs declaration, there is no requirement for safety and security and temporary storage. And no Value Added Tax (VAT) should be paid.

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