Norris sees McLaren as ‘the same’ but changes cheers for Australian GP

Norris sees McLaren as 'the same' but changes cheers for Australian GP

Lando Norris won the Saudi Arabia GP in 2022. made my first point in

Photo: McLaren / Grand Prix

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The Australian GP returns to the Formula 1 calendar next weekend, with further changes notably on 10 April. With more overtaking spots and even four mobile wing opening zones, parts of the circuit have been altered to allow better running on the track. For Lando Norris, the Melbourne circuit’s new features could be a positive for McLaren.

,[O circuito] Has changed and has a smoother surface so I hope it’s better for us than the old one,” Norris told the F1 Nation podcast. “I mean the car is in exactly the same condition as it was in Bahrain, that’s the problem. If we go back to Bahrain, we will still be out in Q1 and struggle to finish 16th and 17th, as it were.”


Norris was sixth at the finish line when he overtook Esteban Ocon (Photo: McLaren)

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Norris explained that the characteristics of the track hosting the Saudi Arabia GP, for example, are better suited for the MCL36 than for the championship debut in Bahrain. The Briton admitted that slow corners are McLaren’s biggest problem so far in 2022, and admitted that the gap between the cars in front seems to be huge at the moment.

“Is this the track [em Jedá] Much better for our car at medium and high speeds”, he explained. “I think we know a little more about our strengths, but our weaknesses are the low speed corners and we are far away. [dos rivais] Now,” he said.

Daniel Ricciardo, on the other hand, retired in Jeddah and will try to recover at home in Australia (Photo: McLaren)

In the end, Lando still joked about the current state of the championship, with the seventh place won in Jeddah being a true victory for a team that didn’t even fight for points in the first race of the year. Thus, Norris compared the reaction to winner Max Verstappen after scoring six valuable points for the Woking team.

“After Bahrain you would say it was a surprise, but in Jeddah we had a much better pace,” he admitted. “I’m happy about it, but I feel bad that I have to be happy in seventh place. I’m celebrating seventh place more than Max [Verstappen] Celebrating victory. It’s like a win for me.”

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