Number of Immigrant Arrests on US-Mexico Border Hit Record in March | national magazine

Number of Immigrant Arrests on US-Mexico Border Hit Record in March |  national magazine

US officials arrested nearly 210,000 immigrants who tried to enter the country across the border Mexicoin March.

A bus full of immigrants crossing the border irregularly is a message from the Republican government of Texas to Democrat Joe Biden’s White House.

All aboard are awaiting the decision of the immigration application and have accepted free travel to the US capital, Washington.

A White House spokeswoman chuckled. He said it’s good for the Texas government to help people get where they want to be. But one thing is not ironic: Number of immigrant arrests at the border We How Mexico Recorded in March 2022. There were about 210,000 fears. Highest number in 22 years. And in 2021 there is an increase of 24% compared to the same month. The last time the number of arrests was so high was in March 2000.

Harvard researcher Gabriele Oliveira explains that there was a group of immigrants during the pandemic. But not only that.

“We see, with the change of administration, with Biden replacing Trump, there is always optimism”, says Gabrielle.

Joe Biden Trump promised to roll back the administration’s immigration policies. One of them is called Title 42.

“American treatment of incoming immigrants is very inconsistent. What generates this? People think, ‘I’m going to try again,'” Gabrielle says.

Biden promised to reverse Title 42 in May of this year.

“The US has a huge role to play in the politico-economic instability in Latin America, and it is not going to be solved with Vice President Kamala Harris going to Guatemala and saying ‘don’t come’, it is not going to be solved”, researcher Gabrielle Oliveira explains.

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