Nuts of India: Know the truth about this seed and understand its risks and benefits

Nuts of India: Know the truth about this seed and understand its risks and benefits

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Montes Claros, March 20, 2022 – The Walnut ,Moluccan aleuritis) is a seed known in Brazil as “Nogueira de Iguape” or “Nogueira-da-India”. In this predilection, when it comes to popular use, this seed of Asian origin has many characteristics, such as medicinal and food, for example. Due to these aspects, today you will learn about some of the risks along with the benefits associated with this seed.

seeds of WalnutFound in southern Brazil, it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, diuretic and antioxidant properties. This fact can be justified by the presence of various chemical compounds which are very important for health.

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benefits of horseshoe

Walnut, apart from offering some scientifically proven benefits to the consumer, can be easily found, as it easily adapts to different conditions. Below check out some of the reasons why casa and agro have split, why many people choose to consume it, even though there are health risks.

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wound healing

Walnuts act as a wound-healer due to their ability to fight inflammation. This is due to the presence of the compound ,β-amyrenone in the seed structure, which is responsible for controlling inflammation.

prevention of premature aging

The seed is abundantly formed by phenolic compounds. They have an antioxidant effect and help fight the action of free radicals in the body. From this point of view, they delay the aging of the skin.

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Type II Diabetes Management

In its composition there are fibers that are able to control, as well as reduce the level of sugar in the bloodstream. Therefore, if you are diabetic, consuming walnuts will help control the disease, and may even prevent some people from developing the disease.

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stomach ulcer treatment

according to the author Pamela Fukuda de CastilhoIn a study published on the website dialetOn 25 September 2019 The anti-inflammatory property of walnuts helps in healing stomach ulcers. In addition, since it is a seed with an analgesic effect, it reduces the pain associated with gastric ulcers.

Many people prefer to consume this nut to lose weight in a different way from the traditional methods. However, apart from not being really effective for this purpose, it can also bring some health risks, such as intoxication. This is due to the presence of the compounds aponine, toxalbumin and phorbol, which have toxic potential.

Precautions while consuming walnuts

you should consume it Walnut moderately. Thus, it is recommended to divide chestnut into 8 pieces and consume one piece per day. At the end of the consumption of the first seed, the second should be broken into 4 pieces, and one piece should be ingested per day. Then the process is repeated until the goal is reached. It is important to note that you should consume the seeds with plenty of water, similar to ingesting the pill.

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