Ocean restaurant reopens with Chef Hans Neuner’s “India Route”

Ocean restaurant reopens with Chef Hans Neuner’s “India Route”

The Ocean is a restaurant fine food Awarded two Michelin stars, and located in the Vila Vita Park Resort & Spa in the Algarve. The restaurant started the new season on 4 March, with a menu prepared by Chef Hans Neuner, “India Route”, which “Takes us on a journey of flavors inspired by the golden age of Portuguese discoveries, heading to Cape Verde, Ghana, Mozambique and Goa“, said the press release.

“India Route” includes “gastronomic effect“From all of the above, including twelve different moments: Sizzling Corns | Yams | Imperial Caviar, by Blue Crab | Green Piri-Piri | Avocado or Pyrenean Lamb | Mungo Beans | Mango Pickles | Sweet Finishes Initiated by Cassava With Purple Curry | Malambe | Finger Lime.

The menu of “India Route” can be consulted over here,

The creation of this menu follows the work of Chef Hans Neuner and his team, where the menu was first developed.discovery of portugal“based on”Traditional Portuguese Cuisine from North to South of the Country” and then the “Island Edition” menu, “With”Focus on the gastronomic traditions of the Azores, Madeira and So Tomé Islands,

The tasting menu at this restaurant under the waves of the ocean is mind-blowing”seasonality of products, a factor that integrates the philosophy of sustainabilityAdopted by Villa Vita Parc. Ricardo Rodrigues is attendant Responsible for harmonizing carefully selected national and international wines, including “Preference for limited and exclusive presentations that provide unique opportunities to connoisseurs,

Ocean Restaurant serves dinner only from Wednesday to Sunday, between 19:00 and 22:00.

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You can through the website or 282 310 100 . You can make your reservation by calling

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